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Materials Management

Promfin General Contractor operate in assisting total material costs minimization for its Customers by means of progressive planning and logistics systems.

We guarantee the qualitative and quantitative adequacy of materials, the timely supply of equipment for installation, and the consequent obtaining of subcontracted resources and not in the last place the costs to reasonable, timely accessible and without exceeding the budget.

We are ready to share our experience, procedures and instruments utilization, supporting the continuous status updates for the information on material management, needed comprising quantities, allocated materials, demanded, obtained and issued.

Our procedures guarantee cost control through strict management of materials.

We also create materials control software for the project demands of our Customers’ by bringing know-how instruments to achieve competitive costs, flexible sourcing, timely supply and efficacious distribution of materials to the Client.
The main offered services are:

  • Worldwide Purchasing
  • Purchasing Management
  • Subcontracting Services
  • Monitoring Services
  • Materials Management

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