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Subcontracting Services

Promfin General Contractor has a huge experience and prosperously operated multiple subcontracted works in an extremely dynamic business market.

Our departments of subcontracting activities assist us and our Customers by being inalienable section of all design, purchasing and erection progress. Our teams are daily devoted to work execution in a secure environment.

Promfin General Contractor team involves a diversified, superior skilled group of engineers with a vast expertise, which is assisted by a notably open-minded management team.

Our company utilizes the improved Contract Management System (CMS) to support all subcontracted works. This Contract Management System is approachable through internet, for commodity and able to be utilized for every size of design or erection of projects and is constructed mostly for large projects requiring a high grade of safety, standardization, management, and cooperation. Our Customers require from us assistance – executed with a continuous coverage worldwide.

Through its consolidated modules, CMS is elaborated to put into effect the adequate business procedures, yet is very customizable. With this tool kit of training materials, managers for subcontracting and contracting learn our progressive system within a comparatively short period. CMS also ensure with valuable data to administration through standard and customizable statements for domains: Preliminary qualification and Checking, Contract Authoring, Contract Inquiry and Administration after commissioning.
The main offered services are:

  • Worldwide Purchasing
  • Purchasing Management
  • Materials Management
  • Monitoring Services
  • Subcontracting Services

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