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Design Capabilities

We provide to Customer real-cost solutions to increase maximally their possessions, to enhance the competitive positioning, and to rise long-term achievements of the company.

Our design capabilities embrace proven record of accomplishment and best experience via the InfoGlobe® system, which join our designers and experts around the world, ensuring the cooperation instruments in order to meet the sophisticated project provocations.

We execute all projects with primary attention for the health, security, and ecology in all involved people in the projects.

The design expertise of Promfin General Contractor is provided worldwide, via our experts and consultants that are located all over Europe, Middle East and Asia. Our design offices assure design, purchasing, and erection management support to any of our offices all over the world in the creation and implementation of projects.
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The main offered services are:

  • Design
  • Design Solutions
  • Engineering Solutions
  • Front-End Design Capabilities
  • Design Capabilities

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