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Front-End Design (FED) Capabilities

The objective of Promfin General Contractor for the projects is to create a plant that fit the goals of the Customer for best efficiency and quality of the provided service. The detailed design phase is the most important stage in the project.

We elaborate plans to guarantee that the engineering reflect the needs of the Customer and support erection of plants that fit the strategic goals of the Customers.

Engineering Solutions corresponding to the goals of the Customer
Our conceptual engineering capabilities correspond to every function, goal, cost, and planning of the project, and first of all with the objectives of the Customer to obtain the best result for the project. The conceptual engineering phase offers the possibility to evaluate the commercial and technical risks of the enterprise, and to increase the ROI.

We provide the appropriate, real-cost background in the course of the conceptual engineering that raise the durability of the possessions of our Customers, and grow their continuous achievements in business. This important mechanism begins with the concentration procedure of mutual work experience that involve all the members of the multi-field team in elaboration process.
The Concentration process:

  • Construct the multilateral accordance across the theoretical and functional domains
  • Find solutions for the problems before the project fulfillment
  • Elaboration of the comprehensive evaluation
  • Project activities merging and decision with the evaluation
  • Decrease the amount of modifications
  • Allocate the responsibility for materials and services
  • Detailed design, purchasing and erection in a conceptual engineering statement
The additional conceptual engineering services comprise: feasibility studies, project-progress planning, technology assessment and advices, risk-management assessment, financing planning, constructability considerations, possessions optimization over the plant’s lifecycle, and front-end design.
Promfin General Contractor has several progressive engineering instruments to support the engineering procedures, for example:

ModulExec® is a procedure comprising techniques and working procedures to provide modularization for layouts. The advantages for the Customer involve the saving of project cost, forecasting of costs and schedule, by executing constructions in parallel on-site and on the modulating plan.
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The main offered services are:

  • Design
  • Design Solutions
  • Design Capabilities
  • Front-End Design Capabilities
  • Engineering Solutions

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