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Front-End Design (FED) Capabilities

Promfin General Contractor ensure with consolidated solutions to Customers to manage their issues, using the experience from ensuring front-end design (FED) services to Customers in various domains, involving oil and gas, power, and mining. We have granted FED services for many major projects, involving revolutionary technologies, huge projects, and engineering services. Promfin General Contractor has a vast expertise of participation in tenders and has multiple guidance materials to support best quality execution of work in prompt terms.

Front-end design is required to create procedures and design documentation in order to sufficiently determine the project needs for comprehensive design, purchasing and erection of plants and to fit the deviation of maximum ±10 % from the forecasted project cost.
This exclusive stage of the project assist us to:

  • Determine the alternative that will enhance the return on assets (ROA)
  • Carry out considerations of hazardous operations
  • Support the needs of internal financing
  • Elaborate the design documentation for tenders of design, purchasing and erection scope and / or ensure with base for the detailed design phase
  • Arrange the cost forecasting for determination of the object and the financing of the project
Our Quick-layout® provides Customer Value for Process plants in the course of Front-End Design.
Quick-layout® is the Promfin General Contractor design instruments – solution for the front-end design of site optimization and preliminary plan. Quick-layout® is used for the fast appreciate the engineering possibilities for process plant designs and its cost optimization.

Applied in design studies, pre-FED and FED activities, Quick-layout® make possible the fast elaboration of conceptual facility models in conjunction with automated routing, equipment development, and calculation of material quantities. Our Engineering teams which are multilateral skilled are capable to quickly elaborate and estimate all possible scenarios, and taking in account this information to make the best choice and improvement for the optimal plant adaptation.
The main offered services are:

  • Design
  • Design Solutions
  • Engineering Solutions
  • Design Capabilities
  • Front-End Design Capabilities

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