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Erection Management

With our huge theoretical and practical experience and various experiences in the industry of erection project management, we are able to provide adequate solutions for different Customers’ demands. We proved the preparedness to fully respect our clients’ expectations by recruiting industry experts with enormous expertise of project management, which can meet the challenges and take the responsibility for implementing progressive constructions.

Promfin General Contractor services comprise the management of engineering and erection activities, progress of installations, connecting to utilities management, infrastructure and continuous construction. Our tempered management team support benchmarking analysis and assure support in the elaboration of best of breed plants programs through the property maintenance programs, delivery and programs with increased energy needs, and possessions analysis.

The works that consider the priority of our expertise comprise the erection management and engineering-build of a best of breed plants. The overall volume of works involved preparation of the many sites and erection of more than 700,000 m2 of concrete buildings, concerning offices, spaces for manufacturing and storage, and installation of utilities.
The main offered services are:

  • Construction
  • Major Construction & Commissioning and Start-up
  • Commercial erection
  • Segmented Erection
  • Erection Management

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