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Mission, Vision and Values


Our vision is to be in the forefront of development and management in the construction industry in Europe – a leader that shapes and influences the quality of residential and commercial developments for the better, to make a substantial difference for our client

To be a premier global general contracting company, fully committed to its stakeholders, capturing the hearts and imaginations of communities while generating sustainable growth.


  • To create better places in an efficient manner for people to live, work and enjoy.
  • To build distinguished construction developments worldwide for people to live, work and thrive while respecting local norms and generating profit

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Commitment
  • Reliability
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity

These values are always present in its day to day operations, business dealings, people, policies, processes, and work environment.

The company



Promfin Foundation

an investment group that assures financing to companies developing power plants, sustainable energy projects, construction and agricultural projects etc.

Promfin Holding

provide services in the area of Technology, Infrastructure, Construction, Industrial, with Management, Operation & Maintenance and many other.

Promfin Energo

an experienced executor of Infrastructure  & Power Plants, Industrial, Civil & Structural works for Commercial & Residential Buildings with focus on Power Plant Construction and Maintenance.

Promfin Wood

leading sawmilling technology supplier for wood processing industry, with installation of equipment, spares, and project engineering & management.

Promfin Trade

manage several wood processing plants including also pellet mills which utilize all the remaining amounts of wood waste from sawmills.

Promfin Estate

real estate investment company which create opportunities for investors to enjoy the benefits of real estate ownership.


6 Sepapaja tn, 11415, Tallinn



Telephone: +372 822 887 08