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Promfin General Contractor provides a staff of extremely trained professional engineers and relevant employees in the area of construction, a huge theoretical and practical experience and progressive solutions for any project.

Most of our professional engineers have enviable practice, of decades of experience in managing sophisticated projects. We prepared and provided more than 100 skilled personnel to project sites along Europe and more than 200 worldwide. 

We are the company that decreases risk, and take proactive measures, rewards security efficiency, also constantly execute works without losing time in incidents, decrease environmental and social effect, all this being crucial in construction. Using a clear pre-erection planning progress, Promfin General Contractor utilize several business performance instruments involving management system for computer programs to manage project costs, status of planning and scheduling, the progress and execution tracking and consolidated project management. The building procedures of Promfin General Contractor also comprise a strong emphasis on security and the ambiance.

No matter the dimension of the project, Promfin General Contractor treat all of them with the same grade of professionalism, integrity and a commitment state of art for Health, Safety, and the Environment. Promfin General Contractor can withstand projects of any size ensuring with instruments and realization techniques for scope of works achieving.
The main offered services are:

  • Erection Management
  • Commercial erection
  • Major Construction & Commissioning and Start-up
  • Segmented Erection
  • Construction

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